‘Jack Houston’ Dev Opens Up Direct Funding After 10K Kickstarter Pledge Falls Through

Anton Frackowski August 30, 2012 0

Warbird Games, an indie games studio in Fort Worth, Texas, has set up direct donations via its website after a $10k Kickstarter pledge fell through, leaving the studio short of their target goal.

Earlier this month, the studio managed to raise a whopping $64, 256 via Kickstarter for Jack Houston and the Necronauts,  a point and click graphic adventure title for the PC. However, celebrations were cut short when their largest donor failed to pony up a $10, 000 pledge.

“After the exhilaration of passing our goal by almost $10k, I was expecting to spend the next few days getting ready to start production on the project.” said lead designer, Stacy Davidson. “Instead, I spent them frantically trying to find out what was going on with the donation, whether we’d even get the other funds and glued to email for any news.”

The developer has now opened up direct funding via the Warbird Games website with the goal of filling this rather large gap in their funding.

I’m a massive fan of the point and click classics like Space Quest and the Money Island series and I would hate to see a promising title get shelved because some clown didn’t realise they had spent their spare $10k elsewhere. I’ll be pledging my support for the title and I hope that a few of you reading this feel the same way and are willing to give back to the indie scene.

Source: Press Release