Check Out The Customization System Featured In Assassin’s Creed Unity

Creative Director Alex Amancio presents you the new customization system and how it impacts the coop missions introduced in Assassin’s Creed Unity. Discover how far the customization will influence your gameplay style by creating your own Arno with the most adapted skills. While you team with your friends, each assassin will be playing a complimentary part of the team thanks to deep customization.

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Screencheat To Release On October 21

Update: We’ve received word from the publisher that game is actually due out on the 21st October. This post has been updated to reflect the change.

With the beta now over and Screencheat entering into its final stages of development, developer Sumarai Punk and publisher Surprise Attack Games are pleased to announce that Screencheat will be releasing on Steam on the 21st of October.

People who preorder Screencheat now will not only enjoy a 34% discount off the game, but they’ll also  continue to have access to the Screencheat closed beta, right up until the game’s October 21st release.

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